Helping the lost pets of the Florida First Coast area find their way home.

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This website will cease to exist on April 30, 2015. With the advent of social media, such as Facebook and Twitter, sites such as this one are no longer relevant. Until that date, it will be maintained as it has always been.

If you are here because you lost your pet, it is recommended that you check both the lost and the found listings, as quite often animals will be listed in the incorrect section. The site owner does not monitor or correct this.

Privacy Policy: There is no privacy - All information you submit for appearance on is public.

All content on this website can be viewed by anyone, registered or not. No one is required to register in order to view the lost and found ads on this website. No one is required to register to respond to any listing on this website. But, if you wish to submit information to appear on this website, registration is required.

No, we don't collect and sell email addresses. The registration requirement is to ensure that the site does not get overrun by "spambots" submitting spam listings.

Important Notice! Due to continued abuse by automated spammers, no, or email addresses will be permitted to register without first contacting the site owner to have the specific address to be used for registration added to the sites whitelist. There will be no exceptions to this requirement. Use the "Comments or suggestions are appreciated" link at the bottom of the page, and use the subject line "Whitelist request for Jaxlostpets". You will be notified when your address has been added.

Registration is simplicity itself. Simply click the "Create new account" link on the left. On the resulting page, provide the information requested and your login information will be emailed to you automatically. Once you've received your confirmation email, you'll be able to log in and create your listing. IMPORTANT: For whatever reason, from time to time, various ISP's will block delivery of the site generated emails. If you do not receive your log-in information immediately and you are certain your email address was entered correctly, assume that this has happened to you and that the site owner will forward the necessary information to you from his personal email address as soon as he gets the bounce message.There is no need to create another account, unless you wish to use a different email address and user name.

Please visit the THE LOST & FOUND PET TOOLBOX for additional suggestions and ideas as to how to find your pet or find the owner of a pet you have found.

It is also recommended that you also submit to the local facebook pages and is not affiliated with the administrators of either page.

Adoption Specials at Animal Care and Protective Services

Adoption Specials At Animal Care and Protective Services

Please visit the Animal Care and Protective Services facebook page, at for the latest and greatest information about how we're helping find new homes for Jacksonville's homeless animals. Or, follow us on Twitter, at

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